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A18 Streamer Weekend - rhuenink - 2019/10/02 19:17

Hey Survivors, We are proud to announce that the ‘Alpha 18 Streamer Weekend’ is finally here. We have partnered with over 130 streamers from 27 countries. We will be running the Streamer Weekend event...

A18 Official Release Notes - rhuenink - 2019/10/02 19:11

Hey Survivors, Alpha 18 B143 Public Experimental is finally here, and Team TFP is extremely excited for this release. It’s bigger than Alpha 17 and is packed full of new content, bug fixes, optimizati...

Alpha 17.4 Stable is out! - rhuenink - 2019/05/31 04:49

For A17.4 we have potential performance improvements for you all. Several video options were fixed or added to allow players to e.g. disable SSR. A memory leak was identified and taken care of! The GF...

Alpha 17.3 is out! - rhuenink - 2019/05/14 23:10

We’ve just released Alpha 17.3 B18 Stable For A17.3 we have set focus on bug fixes and RWG. We have fixed the issue which caused chunks to be reset to their original state, often affecting players’ ba...

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25. Juni 2017
Wir begrüßen herzlichst einen neuen Admin im Team: Yerry1990

14. Mai 2017
Nach etwas längerer Zeit haben wir 1000 Artikel erreicht!

28. April 2014
Und die 500 Artikel geknackt!

18. April 2014
Unsere niederländischen Freunde haben nun ein eigenes Wiki.

07. April 2014
WOW! 400 Artikel!

12. März 2014
Endlich 300 Artikel!